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UK agents for the ColorMatic ink dosing machine and Daco Inspection Solutions.

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Db Machinery is the machine division of the Denny Bros Group company Fix-a-Form International Ltd. Local back-up, servicing and training are all part of the support package we offer in supplying our products.

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Specialist ink dosing equipment supplied by ColorMatic.

Custom label inspection solutions from Daco UK.

Db Machinery is ISO 9001: 2008 & ISO 14001 certified.


The ColorMatic Ink Dosing Range

The ColorMatic Ink Dosing system is a unique ink-dosing machine for offset  & UV inks and offers real benefits to printers. Not least is the reduction of storage area needed for offset inks. Only 14 base colours need to be held in stock and the machine itself occupies a space of just one square meter.

ColorMatic Ink Dosing Options

ColorMatic ID-2500 allows dosing via 15 base colours - 14 Pantone base colour + 1 spare using standard 2.5 kg tins. View further specification details.

ColorMatic ID-5000 allows for dosing via 15 2.5kg tins as and can also be fitted with 8 external pumps mounted on 20 to 200 kg drums. View further specification details.

ColorMatic’s patented mixer head doses either offset or UV ink with a precision of +/- 0.2g extracting virtually every drop of ink from the tin.

Empty Ink Tins

Manual mixing wastes a significant proportion of your expensive ink. That’s ink on your hands and ink left in the tin. Cleaning up is a tedious, unproductive and time-consuming chore. Wasted ink and cleaning solvents are harmful to the environment.

With ColorMatic, the ink goes exactly where it should go and nowhere else. The advanced compressed-air system extracts virtually every drop of ink from the tin. As environmental regulations become stricter, you’ll be glad you had the foresight to deal with the problem of waste disposal.


Here are seven ways your company could benefit:ColorMatic

  1. Minimum does mean ink is not wasted
  2. Eliminating ink waste is environmentally friendly
  3. The work-place is cleaner and storage space reduced
  4. The printer's reputation is enhanced
  5. Accuracy of each dose avoids work being rejected on the basis of 'wrong' colours
  6. Consistent results do not depend on the operator
  7. Ink is always fresh and therefore print quality is optimised

Click on the link to download a ColorMatic Brochure or contact us for further details.

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